I explained to my health advisor that I had recently been to see my orthopedist about my hip pain. The orthopedist suggested that I schedule an appointment to receive a bone scan as well as an epidermal injection for the pain. Since I was on a tight schedule, I wanted these appointments scheduled the next day and preferably back to back so I could maximize my time.

I wanted to streamline appointments to fit into my busy schedule. My personal health advisor worked with my physicians to make sure the tests were arranged quickly and in line with medical guidelines.

My PinnacleCare advisor immediately contacted the nuclear medicine and anesthesiology departments at the hospital that I had requested. Between phone calls, my advisor became aware that the timing of the appointments was important. If she were not careful how she scheduled the appointments, it could result in a false reading for the bone scan.

By the end of the day, my PinnacleCare advisor had arranged all of the appointments needed, with time in between for me to grab some lunch because the hospital recommended I eat before the epidermal injection. I received an email with my entire schedule for the following day, as well as a personal note from my advisor informing me that she had already pre-registered me at the hospital. I got the care I needed exactly when I wanted it.

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