I was struggling with increasing back pain and requested PinnacleCare’s help in securing appointments with top physicians who could identify and remedy my condition.  Unfortunately, I’m extremely busy.  In addition to being a physician, I’m a member of a Medical Advisory Board at a top university hospital.  I was traveling from my home in Chicago to Florida, so I needed all of my pain management appointments scheduled in the same week.

One city. Two days. Five appointments. PinnacleCare made it happen.

PinnacleCare was able to schedule a pain management consultation, spine consultation, knee X-ray, knee MRI and follow-up appointment all within two days’ time! Every member of the PinnacleCare health advisory team seamlessly stepped in to help coordinate my two-day schedule of appointments.

A member of the team met me at the hospital for my first appointment at 8 a.m. and accompanied me to every appointment thereafter.  The entire two days went exactly as planned and I was able to return home to attend to my business obligations on schedule.

As a physician myself, I know how difficult it can be to navigate the medical system.  To secure and make it on time to that many appointments in the same two days is just short of miraculous.

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