Sometimes it takes more than even a second opinion to get the correct diagnosis. That is what I learned recently when faced with serious symptoms that suggested a possible cancer diagnosis. With the help of PinnacleCare, I got both an expert second and third opinion and the correct diagnosis.

Without PinnacleCare, I would be undergoing chemotherapy right now.

Recently I had been experiencing frequent fevers, severe night sweats and fatigue. I had undergone several lab tests, and had been hospitalized as a result. Neither my local oncologist, internist, nor an infectious disease specialist could pinpoint what was wrong. Due to the nature of my lab results, however, they felt I might have T-cell leukemia.

PinnacleCare immediately expedited an appointment with a doctor at Johns Hopkins who specializes in difficult diagnoses. After a thorough evaluation, the doctor ordered additional lab work and recommended that I see an oncologist, due to the combination of my symptoms and my bone marrow reports which showed a cluster of T-cells.

Within two days, PinnacleCare had scheduled an appointment with a top oncology specialist at the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. Where others were leaning toward a cancer diagnosis, this specialist believed that I did not have malignant cancer. Following that appointment, PinnacleCare scheduled another appointment with an infectious disease specialist. This doctor felt my T-cell cluster was a reaction to an illness I had.

Without PinnacleCare, my advisor’s careful note-taking during my appointments, and all of my advisor team’s diligent work, I would be back home undergoing chemotherapy right now. Through PinnacleCare’s guidance, my second and third opinions saved me from that painful and inappropriate treatment and set me on the path to finding my true diagnosis.

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