At 71 years old, I was suffering with pulmonary fibrosis, a scarring of the lung that causes irreversible loss of the tissue’s ability to transfer oxygen into the bloodstream. I had just been rejected for a lung transplant by a major hospital because of my age and other chronic conditions. The hospital advised me to contact PinnacleCare Private Health Advisory.

“On the list for a lung transplant — and a second chance — thanks to PinnacleCare.”

Two days later, I was a PinnacleCare member and their team was at my home to discuss my situation. I explained that I was flying to an appointment in Pittsburgh the following day on a friend’s plane, yet my wife and I weren’t sure how to secure all the oxygen I needed for the trip. The PinnacleCare team immediately reassured us that they would arrange for us to travel with a medically qualified staff as well as the necessary oxygen. It was such a relief to have someone else handling the overwhelming details of my medical care for a change.

While I had already made arrangements to be evaluated for a lung transplant by Pittsburgh and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, my wife and I were quite anxious about the very real possibility of not being accepted by either of the lung transplant centers. Fortunately, PinnacleCare was already talking to other facilities. They had reviewed all of my health records and forwarded a complete medical summary to other potential programs.

Our health advisors kept us informed and optimistic every step of the way as PinnacleCare worked diligently to get me approved for a lung transplant. A few days later, we received word that a leading hospital had accepted me for their lung transplant program. I have no doubt that PinnacleCare made all the difference in giving me this second chance.

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