Preeminent Health Care Access

You have trusted advisors for almost everything, except for what can be the most important thing, healthcare. If you or your loved ones are facing a serious illness, today’s complex healthcare environment can be confusing and exhausting. Can you imagine your comfort and security knowing a team of professional health advisors is supporting your family when facing a serious medical issue?

When it comes to healthcare, we often find that we are on our own. Our knowledge of which doctors are the best, or where to get the best care for a given illness, is too often predicated on biased opinions, limited information, or quite simply, geography.

When dealing with an illness or while traveling, PinnacleCare offers unprecedented, objective access to the best in healthcare worldwide. PinnacleCare navigates the complex healthcare system for you and brings you facilitated access to the most appropriate care.

You may also reach out to PinnacleCare directly by calling 1-888-602-2215 or emailing Your dedicated PinnacleCare team is happy to learn more about your situation and needs to help determine how PinnacleCare can provide solutions and fill in the gaps.

Expires: December 31, 2019

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PinnacleCare is committed to connecting Members to the best healthcare available today. Additionally, we strive to provide vital healthcare advisory information to the community at large. Our PinnacleCare Guides are a series of informative booklets full of resources, tips and information, designed to help you and your family navigate the healthcare system and address issues you may be facing.

Valid through 12/31/2019
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