healthcare plan
Apr 21 2015

What’s your plan for getting the best healthcare?

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

For many people, healthcare is something they only think about when they’re sick, but that approach can leave you scrambling if you do develop a health problem. A wiser strategy... Read More

protect your vision from macular degeneration
Jun 30 2015

How to protect your vision against macular degeneration

Preventive Care  •  By Miles Varn

Are you taking all the steps you can to protect your vision as you get older? While macular degeneration may not be as well-known as cataracts and glaucoma, it is... Read More

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surgical second opinion
Jul 30 2015

Three important reasons why you should get a second opinion

Second Opinion  •  By Miles Varn

If you’ve been diagnosed with a serious, complex, or rare medical condition or your physician has told you that you need surgery, the next step you take should be to... Read More

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assisted living
Jun 11 2014

Tips for helping your parents manage doctor’s appointments and medications

Family Caregiving  •  By Miles Varn

As the average lifespan increases, so does the risk of chronic illnesses. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that 80 percent of adults ages 65 and... Read More

Talk to your doctor before taking aspirin for heart attack prevention.
Jul 1 2014

Aspirin to prevent heart attacks? Ask your doctor first

Preventive Care  •  By Miles Varn

For people who have suffered a heart attack or stroke, a daily aspirin regimen may be prescribed by their physician to help lower the risk of a second heart attack... Read More

Prostate cancer patients should discuss the various treatment options with their doctors.
Sep 4 2014

Prostate cancer treatments: Making the tough choice

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

Every year, about 300,000 men in the U.S. are diagnosed with prostate cancer. A man has a 1 in 6 chance of developing this disease in his lifetime. Although most... Read More

Cancer patients and fertility
Nov 18 2014

5 questions cancer patients should ask about freezing their eggs or embryos

Personalized Healthcare  •  By Miles Varn

If you’re a women who’s about to undergo radiation or chemotherapy cancer treatment and you’re thinking about getting pregnant in the future, it’s important to talk to a doctor about... Read More

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