PinnacleCare is committed to giving members access to physicians that align with their specific needs and conditions. Each search is unique and relies on objective factors as well as subjective input from top specialists. This approach relies on broad based intelligence and not an imperfect algorithm. Physicians and/or Centers of Excellence receive no compensation from PinnacleCare.

The Physician Selection Process

How the Process Works

Research Scientist Looks into Microscope. He's Conducts Experiments in Modern Laboratory.

Medical Research

Publications & outcomes
Clinical trials & technology
Thought leadership


Patient Preference

Geographic location
Insurance coverage
Treatment approach

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Physician Qualifications

Education & fellowship training
Medical licensing & background check
Board Certifications
Recommendations from Top Peer Specialists

M.D./Ph.D. Researchers
Renowned Specialists on our Medical Advisory Board
Medical Centers of Excellece
Vetted Specialists

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