We understand that when faced with a serious medical diagnosis, a second medical opinion can be a vital tool to ensure that you have received the correct diagnosis; however, travel to a specialist can be difficult, especially if you are ill. PinnacleCare gives members access to medical expertise across the globe through physician to physician virtual second opinions.

Take advantage of the medical expertise of the world’s top specialists without leaving your home.

What is a Virtual Consultation?

Our Virtual Consultation Network consists of Centers of Excellence that offer written physician to physician second or third medical opinions. These remote expert opinions provide access to medical expertise, eliminating the need for the patient to travel. PinnacleCare manages the entire process for expedited access to top medical specialists across the country.

How Can PinnacleCare Help?

Your Advisor will gather your pertinent medical records and collaborate with our Medical Team to review the information. The Medical Team will then choose an appropriate specialist at a Center of Excellence to provide the consultation and forward a clinical summary, organized medical records, and radiology and pathology reports if appropriate.

What types of medical issues are a fit?

A virtual consultation for a second opinion is more appropriate for some issues than others, most notably cancer, certain types of complex orthopedic cases, congenital heart disorders, spine disorders, joint replacement cases, transplants, liver disorders, complex pediatric disorders, certain neurologic disorders in adults and children and genetic disorders.

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