The Power of Second Opinions

It’s in your best interest to get a second opinion when you receive a serious diagnosis or recommendation for surgery. With up to 30% of diagnoses reported to be incorrect, a second opinion can provide reassurance that your diagnosis is correct and your treatment plan is the most cutting-edge, effective option for your condition.

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Don’t Rush To Treatment
Before You Have All The Answers

When you or a loved one needs surgery or receives a serious diagnosis, failure to confirm the diagnosis and treatment plan could lead to unnecessary diagnostic procedures, ineffective treatments, unnecessary surgeries, and avoidable complications.

PinnacleCare will collect and organize all relevant medical records. Your Advisor then collaborates with you and our in-house team of physicians and medical researchers to identify top specialists and schedule appointments. As appropriate, we can arrange for virtual consultations to facilitate your access to these top specialists. We guide you in a very personalized way and are available to answer your questions and help you weigh your treatment options.


Client Perspective:

Finding Top Specialists for Child’s Complex Surgery

Michael’s daughter was diagnosed with Perthes disease which causes the bone cells in the thigh to die and the bone to stop growing. PinnacleCare provided access to cutting edge specialists and helped the family weigh their options to come to an appropriate decision regarding her surgery. Michael’s daughter now has two even legs and is competing in soccer and other sports.

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