Universal Medical Record

One of our most valuable comprehensive membership services is your universal medical record that PinnacleCare creates and maintains. The record consolidates all notes and test results from your past and present physicians, allowing secure 24/7 access to your medical history from anywhere in the world – whenever you may need it.

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Your Entire Health History In One Place, Available 24/7

Healthcare is becoming increasingly complex and fragmented across an endless string of specialties. Physicians maintain their own set of records on their own platforms, and these systems rarely share information. That lack of communication can have a negative impact on your care.

PinnacleCare counters that fragmentation by collecting and organizing all relevant medical records from your past physicians and providers. We manage the transfer of these records to appropriate specialists for second opinions and consolidate fragmented records into a secure universal medical record as part of our comprehensive membership services.

With PinnacleCare, your medical history is always available when you need it most.


Client Perspective:

My Universal Medical Record Saved Me From Having a Biopsy

The results of Richard’s routine physical indicated elevated liver function levels. His doctor wanted to perform a biopsy. Instead, we arranged for him to see a top specialist, who looked at his universal medical record and found current liver function tests to be consistent with his numbers going back twenty years. The result… no biopsy.

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