Andy Beal

Chief Information & Security Officer

Andy Beal joined PinnacleCare in 2007 as the company’s Chief Information & Security Officer. Andy is responsible for the strategy, operations, and budget for the protection of the enterprise information assets and management. He developed and oversees PinnacleCare’s Information Security Program and leads implementations of all information technology and security initiatives, with the goal of supporting business operations to enhance the quality of service, improve security and help prepare PinnacleCare for growth.

Prior to joining PinnacleCare, Andy was a Team Leader and Project Manager for an IT consulting firm where he managed a team of network engineers and was responsible for roughly 150 clients in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Andy was responsible for the planning and execution of all projects for his team’s clients and performed CIO-level audits as a service that resulted in recommendations for each client’s future growth and security concerns.

Andy has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

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