Nicki Fortney

Senior Vice President and
Chief Brand Officer

Nicki Fortney is Senior Vice President, Chief Brand Officer at PinnacleCare. In this leadership position, she is responsible for the continued growth, competitiveness and profitability of PinnacleCare’s Connection services for both PinnacleCare’s group and specialty markets. Nicki is also charged with setting the strategy for the brand and coordinating activities across the value chain to effect efficiency, consistency across all aspects of the business and to drive the success and sustainability of the company.

Nicki has been with PinnacleCare for 13 years and has held several positions instrumental in shaping the organization’s innovative products and service delivery models. Prior to her appointment as Chief Brand Officer, Nicki led the customer service team, ensuring that the customer, member and partner experience delivered realized value that resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction and retention. She also played a key role in building the physician relations initiative, helping to solidify strategic partnerships and professional relationships with medical centers of excellence and top physicians, worldwide.

With the goal of providing accessible health advisory services to a broader audience, Nicki worked in collaboration with Dr. Miles Varn, CEO, and Bruce Spector, Founder and Chairman, to construct an episodic service model for what today, is the PinnacleCare Group Connection business.