Nuran Saydam, R.N.

Executive Vice President, Member Relations

Nuran Saydam, R.N. is Executive Vice President, Member Relations and has dedicated her professional career to providing nurturing and attentive services to busy, high-profile individuals. She is passionate about helping people obtain the best health care for their needs.

Prior to joining PinnacleCare, Nuran served as a Senior Patient Coordinator for 9 years at Johns Hopkins International (JHI), where she worked with PinnacleCare founder John Hutchins and PinnacleCare Vice President Deniz Ozkok. Nuran’s attention to detail, discretionary nature and warmth helped to create a comfortable and trusting environment for Johns Hopkins patients.

Ms. Saydam joined PinnacleCare in 2004. Her efforts in ensuring members enjoy a high quality experience continue to support the excellence in service for which PinnacleCare is known.