At PinnacleCare, we embrace the endless possibilities of a diverse and inclusive workforce by challenging norms and advancing new ideas in order to make our world a better place.

We are fostering an environment where every employee feels welcomed, appreciated, and can thrive. Diversity and inclusion are more than ideas of tolerance, they are the foundation of success. Collectively, our backgrounds, perspectives, education, and experiences allow us to turn our vision and mission into a reality.

Statement from the CEO, Miles Varn:


Diversity and inclusion are important values that foster positive growth in each of us as individuals and collectively as a company that contribute to the greater good of our society. However, these values are not inherent; rather they require constant attention and work. I encourage you to find situations that expose you to new ideas or perspectives. Walk in someone else’s shoes. Encourage those who may feel like an outsider to join your conversation. Discover something new about others and chances are that you will discover something new about yourself as well.

Diversity Statement:

At PinnacleCare, we understand our employees are what make us different and are our company’s greatest asset. We are acutely focused on building a work environment where everyone’s thoughts and ideas are valued and respected.

We hold dear our employees’ differences, respecting and being accepting of people regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion or spiritual practices, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, health, and family or veteran status.

Our guiding principles of leadership in service, innovation, accountability, and profitable growth are attainable only when we embrace diversity and inclusion.

Diversity and Inclusion Council

At the height of racial division within our country, PinnacleCare saw an opportunity to lead the conversation and show their employees no matter what is going on in the world, we are a diverse and inclusive family. Thus, we created the diversity and inclusion council.


Company history

PinnacleCare is a private healthcare navigation and medical intelligence firm, founded in 2001 by Bruce Spector and John Hutchins, an innovator in the delivery of VIP healthcare services at both the Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins. In their roles, they personally witnessed and experienced the many challenges of navigating the healthcare system and securing the best care for even the most connected families and individuals.

PinnacleCare was founded based on the need for an objective, unbiased resource to help guide individuals and their families through a logical, thorough, and informed decision-making process in all matters related to their health.

PinnacleCare’s mission is to ensure that all members realize their highest expectations for their health and wellness by providing the peace of mind that comes with having 24×7 access to a curated medical record and a health advisory team to coordinate leading health experts, world-renowned specialists, and evidence-based treatment options—wherever and whenever they should be needed.

PinnacleCare joined the Sun Life family in 2021.

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