PinnacleCare is your trusted health advisor, your patient advocate, the captain for navigating you and your family through the complexities of the US healthcare system in 2023.

We recognize the tremendous stress and emotional impact a serious medical diagnosis can have on individuals, their families, your C-suite and workforce, or anyone facing significant healthcare challenges.

PinnacleCare not only manages your family’s collective health needs, but develops a plan of action to implement the included health solutions that deliver the best possible health outcomes, with VIP-level access and health equity for your loved ones, and peace-of-mind knowing healthcare experts are at-work on your behalf. Your premier health starts with PinnacleCare.

How You Benefit

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Quarterbacking the Process

Your health advisor coordinates your medical appointments, and will even accompany you to them to make sure you are getting all of the information you need.

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Maintain Medical Record

We act as your health maintenance organization to maintain your curated medical record, giving you 24/7 access to your medical history from anywhere in the world – whenever you may need it.

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Medical Emergencies

Your health advisor will coordinate emergency resources, medical records, and medical evacuation, as well as any interaction needed with local physicians and top specialists.

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Second Opinions

We secure and expedite your access to 2nd opinions, making sure you have the correct diagnosis and are confident in your treatment plan.

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Access to Top Experts

PinnacleCare provides you with access to many of America's leading medical specialists including oncology, neurology, and cardiology as well as a wide array of medical resources to help solve your healthcare challenges and protect your family's health.

Global Healthcare Support

You have access to all of our exclusive, comprehensive benefits from over 160 countries around the globe - meaning you're covered even when you're abroad.

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Concierge Health Support for You & Your Family

You rely on trusted advisors for professional guidance and knowledgeable support for the many complex aspects of your life. It just makes sense to rely on the expertise of a health advisor and dedicated support team for what you value the most… your family's health.

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A Comprehensive Team Approach

As an exclusive member of PinnacleCare, you’ll have access to your own health advisory team 24/7, to manage all aspects of your healthcare needs. We provide preferential access for our members to top-ranked Medical Centers of Excellence and nation’s leading specialists.

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Your Health Advisor

When faced with a serious or complex medical diagnosis, having a dedicated resource for coordination of your care makes a world of difference. PinnacleCare members have a health advisor and support team to advocate by second opinions and manage all of their healthcare needs.

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How Your PinnacleCare Membership Works