Pandemic Response Membership

PinnacleCare offers a membership specifically geared toward organizations, family offices, and wealth advisory firms to provide up-to-date, real-time information via the PinnacleCare Research Team on the COVID-19 pandemic. This benefit enables you to stay on top of the latest developments and gain a sense of control and well being. Membership includes a one-time video consultation with a leading expert in the field (Infectious Disease, Global Health) who can assist in critical decision-making for you and your family. It also includes an email platform to ask PinnacleCare Medical Directors your questions relating to COVID-19, giving you real-time access to actionable COVID-19 data.

Live Well

Live Well memberships are designed for active lifestyles to develop individualized, proactive health and wellness plans for staying healthy and include travel/emergency contingency support.

Circle of Care Plus

Circle of Care Plus is for members grappling with multiple chronic and complex health conditions with a focus on disease management and integrative medicine.

Circle of Care

Circle of Care is designed for members who are struggling with an ongoing medical condition or an elusive diagnosis that requires continuous management and follow up.

Platinum Circle

Platinum Circle memberships address the multiple challenges of aging to maintain optimal health, mobility, and independence.

Vital Advantage

Vital Advantage memberships provide intense support for a critical stage or life-threatening medical condition and includes extensive health advocacy and care coordination.