The Power of Private Health Advisors

From serious health issues and medical emergencies to healthy choices, no challenge is too small or too complicated to address.

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A Dedicated Team of Advisors Focused On Your Health

Your health advisory team is available 24/7 to support and assist you. Whatever the challenge and wherever it occurs, your advisor is there every step of the way to focus on the details – from getting answers to your questions and orchestrating your care to providing access to objective research reports and top specialists to help you make informed decisions. Should you need help dealing with addiction, depression, or eldercare, we are there to provide the support you need.

Every day, the focus is on your health. Your health advisor is always working to ensure your good health – coordinating your routine medical appointments and connecting you with stress management, sleep, diet, exercise, and naturopathic resources when you want them.

With PinnacleCare at your side, you have peace of mind knowing all your healthcare needs are covered.

PinnacleCare personalizes your healthcare experience

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Client Perspective:

Coordinated Cancer Care Supports the Family

Dana’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer on the day her husband was in a car accident. Her parents were paralyzed by the diagnosis and needed help accessing a second opinion, understanding their options, and coordinating treatment. PinnacleCare took the burden off Dana and her family so she could support her parents emotionally without having to become an expert in his cancer.

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