The Power of Second Opinions

Gain the confidence that your diagnosis is correct and your treatment plan is the most cutting-edge, effective option for your condition.

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Don’t Rush To Treatment
Before You Have All The Answers

Research shows that 30% of all serious conditions are misdiagnosed or diagnosed improperly, which can lead to unnecessary or ineffective treatments. Protect yourself and confirm your diagnosis with an expert second opinion before you start treatment.

PinnacleCare will expedite your access to the nation’s top specialists in treating your condition, arranging for virtual consultations as appropriate. Your advisor is available to attend doctor’s appointments with you, take notes, and help prepare you with appropriate questions. Your advisor team will also securely transfer your universal medical record to all physicians involved in your diagnosis and treatment. Then, with input from our medical team, your advisor can help you objectively weigh your options.

When it comes to your health, PinnacleCare leaves no stone unturned.


Client Perspective:

Major Spine Surgery Decision

With several crushed discs in his neck, Michael needed to find a surgeon to perform a delicate operation. PinnacleCare connected him with top specialists. Accompanied by his advisor he was able to get all his questions answered and confidently pick a surgeon.

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