We're proud to work with internationally-renowned medical professionals, specialists and institutions. Not only do we get members access to these vital resources, but we expedite the process and help get them in the door fast.

Medical Centers of Excellence

We have access to all Medical Centers of Excellence, including many institutions across the globe. This ensures our members receive the best, most appropriate care from world-renowned specialists.

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Medical Advisory Board

PinnacleCare’s Medical Advisory Board comprises over 70 renowned U.S. physicians in a full range of medical specialties from coast to coast. Their role is to advise our team and their experience, knowledge and intuition provides intelligence on the best physicians, facilities and treatment options for PinnacleCare members.

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Virtual Consultations

While medical centers of excellence are one of the best resources for expert second opinions, travel to these medical centers can be difficult, especially if you are ill. A better option for many people is a virtual second opinion. You can take advantage of the medical expertise of the world’s top specialists without leaving your home.

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Physician Selection Methodology

We take a lot into consideration when selecting physicians for our medical advisory board because we want to make sure our members have the best experience possible. With 17+ years of experience, our process includes patient preference, physician qualifications and medical research.

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