In-House Research and Medical Teams

PinnacleCare provides you with access to the medical and research resources that you need to solve your healthcare challenges and protect your health.

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Answering Your Questions and Opening Doors to Top Specialists

Your personal health advisor will collaborate with a broad range of resources to orchestrate the care that you need to solve your healthcare challenges.   We provide guidance and access to top specialists and Medical Centers of Excellence when you or someone in your immediate family is struggling with a complex condition or facing a new medical issue, such as a serious diagnosis, a recommendation for surgery, or a significant change in your current treatment plan.  Similarly, we connect you with specialists that can help you design a personalized plan for stress and sleep management, nutrition, and exercise. Our medical and research resources include:

  • A 75-member Medical Advisory Board comprised of nationally-recognized top specialists
  • An in-house medical research team comprised of MD’s, ND’s, and PhD’s researchers
  • An in-house medical team comprised of experienced emergency and internal medicine physicians
  • An in-house team of complementary and alternative medicine specialists
  • Relationships with expert consultants in diet and nutrition, fitness and exercise, genetics and health optimization, sleep and stress management
  • Relationships with Medical Centers of Excellence across the country

Why these relationships are so important

Medical Centers of Excellence usually refers to hospitals and institutions which provide superior care for specific diseases and health conditions. PinnacleCare identifies these resources based upon both subjective and objective criteria. Our Centers of Excellence are typically defined as having:

  • Significant volumes and favorable outcomes related to treating a particular condition
  • National or international thought leadership and clinical research in the area of expertise
  • Recognition by an official agency such as NCI-designated Cancer Centers
  • Recipient of research grants such as Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE) awards
  • Interdisciplinary resources, program depth and stability, and a dedication to service excellence in patient care
  • Disease-specific teams of experienced and specialized physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, radiologists and nurses who work together

A referral/appointment with top specialists and medical centers that have earned this important distinction gives you the confidence that you are accessing the best possible care for you and your family. It minimizes second guessing and doubts while putting you on a path for better outcomes and fewer complications.