I was finding it increasingly more difficult to effectively manager my father’s care. I moved from Los Angeles to New York to take over the family business, putting me much closer to my father, but the time it took to stay on top of the details of his care had started to become overwhelming.

They [PinnacleCare] alleviate the endless anxiety and burden, and put in its place an invisible, reliable presence that takes the lead and earns trust.

The responsibility was also putting a burden on the rest of the family. My mother was unable to deal with the management of my father’s long-standing, underlying issues any longer. That’s when, at the advice of our family’s financial advisor, I reached out to PinnacleCare.

Now six months into the relationship with PinnacleCare – a relationship that was initially met with skepticism by my parents – there’s a sense of relief that I can only attribute to knowing that our PinnacleCare advisor is always there for us. What I expected to be a much more difficult transition period has actually been a seamless one. The anxiety that once surrounded making decisions regarding my father’s care has given way to the comfort of knowing that everything is being managed effectively.

PinnacleCare, led by our advisor, attends appointments with my father (eliminating all unnecessary ones that were overflowing his schedule), takes extensive notes to report back to me and the rest of the family, reviews physician records, and makes critical recommendations for his care based upon the results on those appointments.

Most importantly, perhaps, PinnacleCare coordinates medications after each appointment, since each physician was suggesting medications without knowing the full picture surrounding my father’s health.

While our advisor now coordinates appointments for my father, working hand-in-hand with his personal assistant, PinnacleCare has also allowed him to maintain more independence and the feeling that things are under control. This is shown by the fact that he now sees 2-4 doctors as part of his medical routine, rather than the 6-7 doctors that were involved before I made contact with PinnacleCare.

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